Micro Home/Studio - Download

Hi everyone! I' sharing my first house today - a micro home/studio. I have included all the CC I have used in the links below. The link for the house download is at the bottom of this post.

Walls 2  (Mantis Walls Plain)
Floor 3  (Chevron Parquet 02)
Spot lights/outside walls  (from the ‘Leon’ set)


Wood panelling 
Ceiling lamp 
Art 1 (I'm not sure if this is the right one but it's all I could find, sorry!:( )

The links will go to Adfly - please press skip after 5 seconds and it will take you to the downloads (you may need to disable adblocker).

You will have to place the files into your 'Tray' folder. The house will then show up in your Library in the game - make sure you go to 'Advanced' and select to 'Include Custom Content' in the filters. 


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