How to Use Any Clothing Item for Any Outfit in CAS

Hi everyone,
So today I wanted to share a really helpful tip for the Sims 4 which I only recently found out and I think a lot of people will find helpful.
As many people don't know, you can use any clothes for any outfit in CAS - not just the assigned items for each category. For example, you can set any outfit - a dress, shoes, etcetera as swimwear, or use an everyday outfit for a party outfit, as well as use hairstyles and accessories for any outfit.

This does not require mods/cheats/setting changes or anything like that - it's so simple I can't believe i didn't realise it sooner!

So all you have to do it click the 'x' for the outfit category in the Filter bar (this does not count for Everyday outfits as it already shows all items). And voila - you can use any item of clothing from any category for any outfit.

In the pics you can see I deselected the Swimwear category in the filters, so all clothing items are available whilst still in Swimwear  (I hope this makes sense!)

You can also specify the categories you see by clicking on the arrow next to the Filter bar to open the Filter Panel.

This is also useful for hairstyles which may not show up for every outfit, or formal dresses which only show up in party outfits, or even career outfits, as well as for any CC which may not be in the right category/the category you would like.

I hope this was helpful to you all, please comment if you have any questions!



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